Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows & Mac

WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR EMAIL CONVERSION OF ALL? The answer is Apple mail to Outlook conversion.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows & Mac

Email Conversion is a normal and routine task nowadays. With so many email clients available in the market today it can be hard to ascertain which email conversion process is the most popular. However, that is when statistics makes the work easy.

The recent statistics on the most popular email clients shows that Apple mail and Outlook for Windows and Mac remain as the popular choice among users. As an extension of its results, it also confirms that majority of people switch between these two email clients and therefore, the conversion between the two of them becomes inevitable.

Particularly, it states that Apple mail to Outlook for windows remains as the most popular form of conversion today. It seems like many users of Mac are switching from Apple mail to Outlook for its obvious benefits.


This study also provides its readers with a tool which can help them in this task of Apple mail to Outlook conversion. They also warn their customers that the decision customers make should be based on their own judgments which can be formed after using the free trial version of the tool.

The tool they have decided to promote is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert MBOX to PST, Apple Mail to PST, Thunderbird to PST and Postbox to PST file format. You can use the PST file for both Mac & Windows Outlook.

Apple Mail to Outlook

For the convenience of our readers, we have provided some salient features of the tool which are as follows:-

Simple to use

The simplicity of Mail Extractor Pro has helped millions of customers as they can use this tool without any hassle. The tool will convert Apple mail database with ease but when it can be used with ease too; the customers are more than happy. This feature of Mail Extractor Pro helps customers convert any Apple mail related task with ease. This is also made possible with the help of Mail Extractor Pro’s self-explanatory wizards which help simplify every Apple mail related process for users.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

Preserves folder hierarchy

Preservation of folder hierarchy is easy for Mail Extractor Pro. It does that with the help of its huge technological support which allows it to preserve the folder arrangement even amid the turbulent process of Apple mail MBOX to PST Conversion. This assists customers in accessing their converted files easily and in getting back to their primary tasks.

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter Free trial version

USL software has provided a free trial version of Mail Extractor Pro which can further help with exploration of Mail Extractor Pro. This demo version has been given all the premium features of the license version of the tool. Customers can use it to their heart’s content and know the tool for themselves.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows & Mac

But before downloading the tool, make sure you have the following requirements:-

 System Requirements:-

  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions are required for installation

There is no joy in anything but executing the task in front of you. So do not wait and get Mail Extractor Pro to convert Apple Mail to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

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